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what i want from cap 3 is sam and steve busting their asses going across the world looking for bucky and endangering their lives every 20 minutes and it cuts to bucky who is still safely in new york eating frozen yogurt



Okay so I think Chris Evans was saying in an interview about how it’s always the children who discover the hero in disguise, and I just realized why: it’s because they’re short enough to see under the hat and they’re innocent and hopeful enough to still believe in heroes.

it’s because they’re short enough to see under the hat

You’ll soon learn you have more sick time than you’ll ever ever use.
My colleague who doesn’t realize how lucky she is.
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You should try it, come on.

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That went better than anticipated I think?

Autism $peaks ad on the tv in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Yeah. That makes me feel safe. Sure.

You dance [at award shows], are you self conscious about it all?  ’Cause it looks like you’re just having the time of your life.

Who do I talk to about arranging to have Jacob Artist serenade me all day, every day, for the foreseeable future?

Because that is a thing I want.

Thank you for playing “Barely Breathing” right after the Glee Live version of “Jessie’s Girl”, shuffle. Because oh I am barely breathing. I’d listened to the studio version of “Jessie’s Girl” (once) since, but the live version hit me doubly and did take my breath away with my heart in my throat. You can hear both of them so well in the song and in the cheers they elicit.

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This afternoon is looking up—I hit shuffle on my Glee music and it started out with “Call Me Maybe” :)