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I looked through the school supplies section today and every single Avengers themed backpack, lunch box, pencil pouch, binder, notebook, etc. had Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. Not a single one included Black Widow.

Dear Marvel. Do better.

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msamberpriley #happy360 I’ve been Nappy and Happy this whole summer! No heat just FREEDOM!!! I’m sure my grandma wants me to comb my hair by now but OH WELL 


Inny, I was out shopping yesterday and saw these and thought of you! <3


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Echeveria “Parva”

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"I’ve written children’s books because I’ve always written my reading level."

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A joyous occasion means Adam is summoned back to the Crawford familial bosom in England, and naturally Sebastian is his plus-one - under some slight duress, of course. It’s not that Sebastian isn’t interested in meeting Adam’s family, it’s just there’s so many of them…and did there really have to be a wedding involved?

Join Sebastian and Adam as they journey to Ingatestone for the wedding of the year - and the relationship challenge of a lifetime.

If It’s Not Perfect (Then It’s Not) is a sequel to the fic The Varied Stages of Something Unlikely

1 - The Envelope

2 - What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

3 - Life, Box of Chocolates, Etc.

4 - Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street

5 - Hit The Ground Running

6 - Nothing Changes Except Everything

7 - Inside Out And Upside Down

8 - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

9 - That’s Great, It Starts With An Earthquake

10 - Sparks In Flight

11 - To End Is To Begin

12 - Life With You

Spotify Playlist 

Crawford Family: Moira | Stephen | Brendan & Chloe | Timothy | Rebecca & Rhiannon | David Morgan

Smythe Family: Anne & Michael

This fic is complete as of 6/22/14.

This is not fanfic.

I mean, it is. I guess. In a sort of tangential way. But honestly, this is a story about a whole crowd of characters that Lissa has created herself, out of her own imagination. Sebastian and Adam are technically characters from Glee, but had she changed the names, there would not be a single trace of evidence that she’s talking about those same characters. Because Glee gave those characters no depth, and Lissa has turned them into living, breathing, fully three-dimensional characters with secret hopes and raging anxieties, complex histories and fully fleshed out families and exes and friends. These are well and truly Lissa’s own creations.

So basically what I’m reccing here is an original novel with the tiniest tangential connection to Glee (Kurt and Blaine show up as mentions here and there, and then in a slightly more substantial way in the epilogue). 

The first fic in this series, The Varied Stages of Something Unlikely, is a romance novel. This sequel is something different — a story about family, and brothers, and about boyfriends who are wondering whether their love will last forever. Lissa’s storytelling is amazing, her character creation (of close to a dozen people) is some of the best I’ve ever seen, and her use of language brings everything into vivid focus. I seriously cannot recommend this story enough. You should read it. It’s lovely and fantastic and … you should just read it.

What Nadia said.

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My back is so fucked up right now. I twinged this afternoon and the base of my shoulder blade kinked up and it’s been hurting ever since and I just lay down in bed and it feels like I’m precariously balanced on random broomstick tops as opposed to a roughly planar mattress and owww whyyy??

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and the world keeps spinning round and round

Suuuure let’s use slurs to discuss birds tapping on windows. Lovely.