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5.19 Extended Summary + Credits


OVERVIEW: Glee - 05 - Old Dog, New Tricks (06-May-2014 (T))


AIR DATE:  06-May-2014 (T)

RUNNING TIME:  60 Minutes

CONCEPT:  Santana helps Rachel do damage control for her flagging public image; Kurt tries to help a home for retired Broadway performers with their production of Peter Pan; to prove he is responsible, Sam adopts a dog - despite Mercedes’ objections.

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Chicken started crossing the road, saw we were coming, and turned back around. I guess whatever it was wasn’t that important.

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I vote Amber Riley & Kevin McHale release an album of slow jam duets so when I’m like 70 I can get super in my feelings and ask my grandkids what they know about this.

I second that motion


petition for chris pine’s uniform shirt to rip spontaneously throughout star trek xiii

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I’m just so scared that you’re gonna keep changing, and you’re gonna keep getting stronger. And then one day you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna realize that “I don’t love him anymore”. 

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Jenna Ushkowitz for Regard Magazine, 1/2

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Jenna Ushkowitz for Regard Magazine, 2/2

I feel so out of step with so much of what I’m seeing.

au - MPREG - After six months in the Big Apple and since forgoing the condoms, Blaine realizes he’s knocked up. If only he could have told Kurt differently.

3.17 // 5.16