12 Aug 10:10
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Being social at work with a person I went to high school with (but didn’t really know in high school) is a strange and vaguely stressful, but rewarding CLASH of my personas.

11 Aug 23:10
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We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.

11 Aug 23:06
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There are a lot of lists going around right now of hotlines you can call if you are scared or tired or want to hurt yourself. IMAlive has an online text-chat option, for people who have trouble hearing or talking, or who might be too scared or tired to use a phone.


*forgets that katy perry actually sings teenage dream*

11 Aug 6:22
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Always remember

9 Aug 23:07
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This cookbook is my everything right now. The recipes are delicious and realistic. I’ve had it for a little over a week, and all five of the recipes I’ve made from it so far have been A’s or A+’s…mostly A+’s. (Tonight’s dinner took 15 minutes to make and rivaled the best restaurants I’ve been to in terms of taste.)

If you like cooking. If you wish cooking on weeknights were a little more feasible. Check this book out. Its title is decidedly apt.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how worried should I be that I’ve been feeling a phantom piece of tape stuck to the same spot on my toe for the past 24 hours?

7 Aug 22:02
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Stephen Colbert gave Hillary Clinton a truly hard choice when she paid a surprise visit to The Colbert Report last night. Click here to watch.

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A thought about Glee and the return to Lima…


This is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while, partly because when they announced that the final season of Glee would include a return to Lima, I sensed quite a bit of backlash. This is long, so I hope you are willing to make the Read More jump:

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