Thank you for playing “Barely Breathing” right after the Glee Live version of “Jessie’s Girl”, shuffle. Because oh I am barely breathing. I’d listened to the studio version of “Jessie’s Girl” (once) since, but the live version hit me doubly and did take my breath away with my heart in my throat. You can hear both of them so well in the song and in the cheers they elicit.

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This afternoon is looking up—I hit shuffle on my Glee music and it started out with “Call Me Maybe” :)

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just press play


also angels.

I should be concentrating on work, but all my brain wants to do is stew about phone and hands sizes and what to eat for lunch.

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The image above is an illustration about implications of Net Neutrality. Here’s what is going on today:

There’s a protest organized by a number of large websites, including etsy, Netflix, dailydot and Twitter; organizations like the thehpalliance (alongside a lot of youtube filmmakers/vidders - you can add a video too!) are supporting it as well. 

Over the last few months, the FCC has been taking comments on a proposal that would require telecom providers to ensure that “all users have access to an internet experience that is sufficiently robust, fast and effectively usable”. 

Tech and content companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter, wrote to the FCC claiming the rules “would enable phone and cable internet service providers to discriminate both technically and financially against internet companies and to impose new tolls on them”.


In other words, what you’re seeing today is important, and changes to the nine-months-ago status of Net Neutrality could be problematic (I’m not saying “would be” because codification of Net Neutrality in the FCC’s rules would actually be a change, and awesome) but it doesn’t mean that there’s something newly threatening that’s happened in the last few days. 

Sign the petitions if you want - although the FCC comment period is closed - and make your voice heard, but don’t panic that there’s something new that you may’ve missed in the last week. 

@JOAQUINSEDILLO I’m sorry it took so long to post this… Thanks to all who contributed to such a lovely gift. #gratitude

I’m gonna be over here still thinking the iphone 5 is physically too big.

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At work. Dripped tea on my shirt. Used tide pen. Realized the tide pen wet splotch looked like a penis on my boob. Quickly tide penned unstained areas so the splotch looked less like a penis.

My morning is off to such a great start.

@brookelipton First rehearsal crossed off the list for #gleefinalseason Awesome day!!! @ZachWoodlee @bp_parks @SarahOlivieri :)

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