Really interesting article about how the public perceives Lea Michele.

I think what’s really “annoying” to them is that Lea doesn’t fight back, she just keeps doing her thing, doesn’t let those insignificant things rain on her parade. And that bothers petty people. A lot.

Really great article, must-read.

@DarrenCriss Ah, the good ol’ Dalton Days… @ChrisColfer #tbt? Courtesy of our mastermind Director of Photography @JOAQUINSEDILLO

Joaquin didn’t work on Glee until season three. This has to be a new photo.

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There’s a person (who I really like as a person!) at work and on the building’s celebrations committee (which organizes fun, building-wide activities every month), who is reallllly involved with just about every philanthropic or volunteer activity the Salvation Army has. And it filters into the type of activities that the building does (school supply drive for the salvation army’s school supply distribution, sign ups to do bell ringing with coworkers, etc.) and the monthly activities are so fun when they’re not that! And I hate not saying anything about why I won’t support the Salvation Army. And I hate explaining over and over about why I won’t support the Salvation Army. And I hate that most people forget that the Salvation Army is a church and thus don’t blink at it being brought into the workplace in such a sweeping fashion. I wish there were a way for this shit to be less exhausting. I hate rationing how much I’m capable of caring on any given day without harming myself.

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Latent crushes that get prodded out of hibernation by a single mention and then take over your brain with lusty lovey thoughts all over again. Who invited youuu???




SO BASICALLY…I danced to Shake it Off in a grocery store…and this is how it worked out.

this is just the best thing ever ok.

Gonna brag. I was only $4.03 over on the price is right game for baby equipment at the baby shower I went to today.

(No one was under. I was second closest. The closest went about two dollars over.)

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Hey, Sarge, great news. I just got assigned such a dope stabbing. Sorry, the stabbing part is bad, but…

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You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to STATE THE DAMN OBVIOUS