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Fun Game: watch the movie Wimbledon, pretending that JARVIS is trying to win Wimbledon and Happy is his agent.

I love my job.


my guess is the best way to make tony work on something is probably to give him something else more urgent to do

9 Jul 10:14
2 weeks ago
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My boss and I have differing graphic design visions. In that my poster ideas don’t look like chain emails come to life.

Babble, sir? I am not aware that I ever babble, sir. It may be that from time to time I have considerable information to communicate, and you may question the way in which I organize it…
Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Justice”



Being extremely emotionally attached to everything you own makes it very hard to use things you already own to decorate a cubicle where you can’t reasonably lock up all of your decorations whenever you aren’t there.

7 Jul 19:41
2 weeks ago
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hrhchriscolfer Nerd heaven! #MarvelHeadquarters #TLOS3

7 Jul 19:28
2 weeks ago

Every time there was trouble in Star Trek TOS (and there was a bad guy in the scene), I spent the whole time yelling, “NERVE PINCH! NERVE PINCH! NERVE PINCH!” at the screen.

So far, every time there’s trouble in TNG, I spend the whole time yelling, “LISTEN TO WESLEY! LET WESLEY SAVE THE DAY!”

I spend a lot of time with both series yelling, “YUH OH.”