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Round 2 of “Brain Busters: Glee Edition” (x)

Chris-related BTS info for 5.19 “Old Dog, New Tricks” from FOX Now [Part 1 | Part 2]

hrhchriscolfer: Started this today!!! #HotInCleveland

4 May 9:28
3 months ago
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Like, who doesn’t want to do that?! I want to do that! Maybe it’s ‘cause Chris wrote the episode. If I wrote the episode, I would probably do something very similar, where I would try and have me blow fireballs out of my hands. All the while singing Lucky Star. See, if I was in the harness, I would be singing like, ‘We built this city!’
Darren Criss on Chris Colfer flying in Peter Pan, 5.19 BTS [x] (via nadiacreek)
28 Apr 20:44
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Guest Star: Jim Rash | GLEE

Stuff Shirley Says | GLEE

26 Apr 18:42
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MsAmberPRiley: 😀😝 @chriscolfer and I headed to set!