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Ryan Murphy receives Louis XIII Genius Award | Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2014 (LQ)

I love this with every fibre of my being.

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Ryan Murphy is apparently reading hate tweets he’s gotten as part of his Critics’ Choice Awards speech.

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Larry and the other organizers were true heroes. I have a wonderful life. I’m married, I have a kid, I have freedom that as a child I never thought I would have. And I don’t think I would have those freedoms without those guys. So I was interested in playing them tribute. Thank you for my life.
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1) HA
2) how much do I love Ryan Murphy calling them “my Klaine”??

Most immediate thought…love the media insight of I’m not saying anything now because Brad will be talking about that in June.

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"Bash" as narrative necessity and why I’m happy about it


Much of Glee is about redeeming fictional Lima and places like it.  That seems weird, because so much shitty stuff happens there, but look, Ryan Murphy is a guy who left small town wherever to have the life he has.  That he wants to tell a story where someone leaves, gets successful and is willing and able to go back (Rachel — he’s talked about this often in interviews), is arguably about redeeming place and addressing the wounds of exile.

To redeem Lima, New York City has to stop being a solution.  It has to be a place like any other — good, bad, miraculous, terrifying.  In a show that is about queerness as both an orientation and a perception of otherness applied to non-queer (in the orientation sense) characters, New York must fail on screen at some point.  It must become not a harsh mother, but a fickle and disinterested one.

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Bolding mine because small conservative towns are not only either the places you get stuck or the places you escape, and that is possibly the least talked about aspect of Glee that profoundly resonates with me.

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Family Equality Council’s Annual Los Angeles Awards Dinner

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Favorite quote of 2013:


Oh I miss when Ryan Murphy used to angry tweet