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Glee has no continuity



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Yup! That’s the one! Thanks

Hey all, if you haven’t had a chance to read this post about Berthold Brecht and Epic Theatre as it relates to Glee, today might just be an awesome day to do that. A good read.


So I went to the paramount tour and the guide said she’d take Lexy and I to see the NYADA front since it was still up free she took the other people back to the front and we were driving back after seeing NYADA and Darren was driving a golf cart behind us and I kept turning around and he waved when we parted ways and I waved back.

This was after seeing him, Chris (I’m 90% positive) and Jaoquin drive by us on a cart together

@JOAQUINSEDILLO I’m sorry it took so long to post this… Thanks to all who contributed to such a lovely gift. #gratitude

@brookelipton First rehearsal crossed off the list for #gleefinalseason Awesome day!!! @ZachWoodlee @bp_parks @SarahOlivieri :)

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Well then.

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catyuy replied to your post: “nadiacreek replied to your post: “Howdy, friends. What did I miss this…”:

mjsbigblog has released all the songs, title and basic overview of episode one.

Thank you!

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Do you want to know spoilers? There are A LOT of them out there, so if you don’t be careful out there. Otherwise… there was MissBeizy and Judearaya writing a lot of Klaine porn?

Yay new klaine porn! As as for spoilers…I’m fine with spoilers. Not so fine with premature gleejaculation…I’ll tread carefully.