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msamberpriley #happy360 I’ve been Nappy and Happy this whole summer! No heat just FREEDOM!!! I’m sure my grandma wants me to comb my hair by now but OH WELL 

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hrhchriscolfer Nerd heaven! #MarvelHeadquarters #TLOS3

hrhchriscolfer Twinsies! #marvelheadquarters #tlos3

hrhchriscolfer Avenger time. #marvelheadquarters #tlos3


@msleamichele I love you so much @KChenoweth thank you for including me in such an amazing evening! I’m so excited! #ForGood 
@msleamichele Rehearsal tonight at the @HollywoodBowl w/ @KChenoweth for tomorrow’s performance. Such an honor! #ForGood 

Oh, this will be good!

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Ryan Murphy receives Louis XIII Genius Award | Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2014 (LQ)

I love this with every fibre of my being.

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Ryan Murphy is apparently reading hate tweets he’s gotten as part of his Critics’ Choice Awards speech.

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@chriscolfer I met @HillaryClinton today!!! Not sure if I embarrassed myself, can’t remember anything I said… #adrenaline