During season 5 we saw Kurt wearing funky patterned briefs twice and I feel like the fic I’ve read since hasn’t been reflecting his fashion-forward underwear choices.

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Stars in (what I am assuming) is a scene from the pilot of Rachel’s life let me love you show


I’ve been wondering about Kurt’s Peter Pan costume, with its camo print and vines, and then went off looking for depictions of that character through the years. I think Kurt’s is probably modeled after this one from the 2003 film. 

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I really love the outfits and accessories that they put Mercedes in when she’s with Sam. Her necklaces always have hearts or the word “love”. She has a "love" necklace that she wore in S3 and once in S4 and it’s always connected to Sam. She wears shirts that say the word love on it. Like next week she’s wearing a sweater that has LOVE written on the arms of it and across the chest. I think they’re trying to tell us something here.

GLEETV: Let’s talk about #theseshoes

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This is Sam in the scene where he comes in and tells Blaine he’s got a modeling job and will be moving out; it’s also the scene where Blaine is marking out the space to create a work area in the loft, because he’s trying to feel at home here.

Okay. Sam has a big freaking anchor on his shirt. Blaine’s friendship with Sam started in “Dynamic Duets”, in which Blaine described Kurt as his anchor and told Finn he and Kurt had been a Dynamic Duo in [the choir room]. The Dynamic Duo of that episode ended up being Nightbird and The Blonde Chameleon. So, I’m thinking about the various stressors on Blaine, and how Kurt telling him to ask Sam to move out was an even bigger one than Blaine was acknowledging consciously.

We see Blaine enabling Rachel’s narcissism; he may well have also been enabling Sam’s couch surfing funk because having Sam there was a kind of anchor for him in NYC; even helped him feel like he was in the place he was meant to be. While Sam was the guest, Blaine was the host, but without Sam, now Blaine is the guest.

Anyway, this was a thing I noticed.

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kurt hummel wardrobe appreciation » this jacket + boots combo

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We have a costume coming down the pipeline that can only be described as ‘gross’. You’ll know it the minute you see it. Seriously - there will be no question in your mind as to what costume I’m referencing.
Brigitta Romanov, Glee's Assistant Costume Designer (via fashionofglee)
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