Arriving at your gender identity 15 years late with Starbucks

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Larry and the other organizers were true heroes. I have a wonderful life. I’m married, I have a kid, I have freedom that as a child I never thought I would have. And I don’t think I would have those freedoms without those guys. So I was interested in playing them tribute. Thank you for my life.
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My dad just used “gotta have my tots” as shorthand for talking about anything that’s essential.

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I really love the outfits and accessories that they put Mercedes in when she’s with Sam. Her necklaces always have hearts or the word “love”. She has a "love" necklace that she wore in S3 and once in S4 and it’s always connected to Sam. She wears shirts that say the word love on it. Like next week she’s wearing a sweater that has LOVE written on the arms of it and across the chest. I think they’re trying to tell us something here.

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Look at us

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“I love how you help Amber out as if she’s your sister”

She IS! :)